Digital marketing plays an essential role for charities, increasing fundraising activities, building a volunteer pool and raising awareness for your cause. Whether you need to spread the word about an event, boost donations or simply elevate knowledge on your charity, PPC and SEO should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. 

With budgets fully dependent on fundraising and grants, ensuring money spent effectively is paramount. Using PPC, a cost-effective marketing channel, you can target users with an affinity with your charity or cause, and drive new engagement onto site, as well as conversions in the form of goals that you have chosen. Registered charities are also eligible to receive up to £7,400 worth of free advertising. 

In addition to PPC, you may want to consider a robust SEO strategy, that targets users that are actively looking for a charity or your cause and is also cost effective. 

Due to the private nature of search people are very honest about sensitive subjects - whether medical, financial or relationship concerns. Using this anonymous data you can gain a greater understanding of your potential audience, and using SEO, make sure your site is visible to help address their anxieties or problems.

At Search Seven, we also believe in supporting charities by educating them on how best to maximise their PPC and SEO channels. According to a recent study by Tech Trust, 59% of charities still do not have a digital strategy in place, with many not having the skills or time to implement it. Using Google Ad Grant professionals such as ourselves, we aim to not only help create an effective strategy using PPC, Paid Social and SEO, but give you the tools to develop and grow your understanding. 

From small city-based charities, to large national charities, Search Seven has a strong track record of helping charities achieve their goals through PPC, SEO & CRO. Using industry leading techniques, we’ve helped charities such as Avert achieve a 466% increase in clicks, and 1200% increase in click-through rate.

You can find out more about how we can help your Charity's marketing strategies with our Digital Marketing For Charities 

Find out more about our clients, their goals and how we’ve helped to achieve them here.


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