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World of Books

World of Books is a Sussex-based company that sells quality used books at competitive prices to millions of customers worldwide each year. World of Books was established by a group of dedicated book lovers, and over the past 10 years they have grown their shelves from 1,000 books to over 3 million in stock.

  • 000% Increase in Organic Sessions
  • 00% Improvement to Bounce Rate
  • 000% Increase in Transactions


World of Books first approached Search Seven in early 2017, looking for an SEO agency to review their website, and to give them recommendations on growing Organic traffic. Search Seven were then re-approached late 2018 with the news that the site had been rebuilt from the ground up, with some added internationalisation, and would the Search Seven SEO team be able to again review it and give a second opinion on whether there were any additional SEO opportunities to be had.


Upon first working with World of Books it was important to understand how people were searching and to analyse behavioural trends. When doing so, it quickly became evident that search behaviour vastly differed dependant on whether someone was looking for an author, a particular genre, or the latest must-have paperback. This is where search volume would often peak before quickly trailing off due to the transient nature of bestsellers.

This not only helped guide the onsite content strategy but formed the basis for the meta audit review which was aligned to search behaviour, as well as allowing to see which areas of the site should be prioritised due to traffic potential.

The SEO technical audit also uncovered a lot of opportunities across various areas, from the XML sitemaps to canonicalisation, internal linking, and structured data to name just a few. Addressing all of these would ensure the site was following SEO best practice and be as search engine friendly as possible.

The second SEO review of the new site build in 2018 also posed additional opportunities due to the added international element, whilst many of the original recommendations had also been incorporated. Here, we were able to offer guidance on the hreflang implementation, whilst also addressing points around legacy redirects and improving page speed performance. This was vital due to the fast growing mobile audience.


  • 279% Increase in Organic Sessions
  • 15% Improvement to Bounce Rate
  • 393% Increase in Transactions

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