With the fluctuation of seasonality and uncontrollable world events, now more than ever it's important to construct the right digital strategy for those in the travel industry. The internet accounts for over 74% of both leisure and travel planning, according to Ipsos MediaCT, so ensuring your paid and organic strategy is paramount. 

Travel audiences are notoriously tentative, consistently checking competing sites for the best offers, so it's important to understand how your audience searches - are they searching for luxury/budget, by hotel, destination, date, facilities, reviews, tips? It's a big list, and one you need to make sure you've fully explored before optimising your site's SEO and content. Thousands of hotel descriptions copied from other sites won't help you rank, to stand out from the crowd you need to make sure you're adding value. Not just onsite, but also by raising awareness of your brand via PR and outreach.

As well as SEO, our PPC account managers tailor make a strategy to suit your offering, taking into account seasonality, competitors and your internal goals. For example, with PPC, we can make use of Google’s remarketing to target those that have already visited your page, or even were one page of booking confirmation but decided against it, with ad copy that promotes discounts and has a hard call-to-action, giving them that extra push they need.

Take advantage of social media's excellent audience profiling with a Paid Social Strategy, with ultra targeted ad-messaging. Have campaigns focusing on student travellers on Instagram, or target parents with two children for package deal holidays. We’ll also find out what users are interested in and create ad content that appeals to them through constant A/B testing and analysis.

Search Seven have consistently supported clients through seasonality and any restrictions they may face, from weather aversions or political issues preventing travel. When taking on travel accounts, we have had tremendous success, with 100% increases in Click-Through Rate through PPC, and 160% increases in organic views through SEO.  Find out more about how we achieved this here

We report and work in any way that suits you and your goals, whether you’d like to focus on Return on Investment, or want to focus on a Cost Per Acquisition. Get in touch with us today to discuss what you want to achieve further.

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