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As parents themselves, the KidRated team know organising an activity with the kids can be a nightmare. You work hard, so family time is precious and sometimes you need a crowbar to get kids away from handheld devices. But, days out can be expensive, and the choice is confusing. So, how can you ensure you’re making the right decision?

KidRated believe that when the kids are happy, everyone’s happy. So, they ask them to be their reviewers. Not only are they honest (which helps grown ups) but other kids will listen to them, probably more than they’ll listen to you.

  • 000% Increase in Facebook Likes
  • 000% Ahead of Traffic Target
  • 00% Reduction in CPA


Being a new start-up, KidRated needed assistance with paid media to generate brand awareness and getting themselves in front of adults looking for things to do in London with their families.

In addition to their website, they also had a YouTube and Facebook page to further engage with parents and increase awareness of their offering, as well as drive newsletter subscriptions which were a core focus for them.


In order to generate awareness our paid media strategy covered both PPC and display campaigns across the Google Display Network, YouTube and Facebook. This not only allowed us to get ads in front of those searching for family activities in London, but also helped us bring KidRated to a wider audience which included parents who lived in the London area with younger children.

By running a variety of ad formats across these networks – from text ads to images and video – we were also able to ensure budget was efficiently spent based upon seasonal trends. This meant more focus on the search network during peak times such as school holidays, Easter, Halloween and Christmas, whilst for off-peak more focus was placed on display and remarketing campaigns in order to promote attraction discounts and prizes.

This meant a high level of awareness throughout the year, and to ensure people didn’t suffer from ad fatigue we also frequently updated the ad messaging with new deals and offers – including a cash prize giveaway throughout Christmas day.


Since working with Kidrated we have seen great results, including…

  • Over 7 million impressions
  • 252% increase in Facebook Page Likes
  • Exceeded visit target by 180%
  • 26% reduction to CPA

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