Strategic Research

Before beginning any marketing it’s important to perform a thorough analysis of your site’s current performance: how it’s performing within your industry and, more importantly, how you compare against your competitors.

Search behaviour analysis helps to show us how people are searching for what your website offers. We can then prioritise activity based on search demand, relevancy and seasonal trends. We can then forecast a potential ROI, which can help you to justify marketing spend.

Insights from search behaviour analysis also helps to drive a content strategy by highlighting opportunities and gaps. Strategy development is guided by our understanding of people’s questions and concerns, whilst competitor research can shed light on what others are publishing, and why their websites rank where they do.

Collectively, all of these insights allow us to formulate a strategy that is right for you and aligned with your objectives.

What are the benefits of Strategic Research?

  • Discover why your competitors are ranking higher than you
  • Synchronise marketing activity with key seasonal trends or events
  • Ensure time and budget are prioritised
  • Increase conversion rates – we focus on high-intent traffic
  • Identify new opportunities – can you create new pages or update existing ones to capitalise on search volume for other relevant terms?

Our Strategic Research includes

  • Keyword analysis of your site
  • Search behaviour analysis
  • Seasonal trends
  • ROI & profit margins
  • Analytics review
  • Competitor analysis

What are the main features of Strategic Research?

  • Search Behaviour Analysis

    It’s important to not just drive visitors to your site, but to ensure they’re the right type of visitor. That’s why keyword research is vital to learn about the search behaviour of your target audience and to ensure your site is optimised for the correct terms.

  • Seasonal Trends

    Does search volume peak at certain times throughout the year? If so it's important this is reflected in the strategy to ensure budgets capitalise on demand and key sales periods.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Where does your business sit within the competitive search landscape? Our analysis looks at your competitors to establish why they’re ranking where they are, and how much effort is required to catch up and outrank them.

  • Analytics Review

    Which areas on your site are currently performing well or could do with improvements? Our review of your analytics helps identify core areas to focus on, as well as establish your conversion rate.

  • ROI & Profit Margins

    We find out what your most profitable products or services are in order to prioritise the areas likely to generate the best return.

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