Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a way of promoting your website to an audience who are actively searching for what you offer, or who match your target demographic, location, behaviour or interests.

Through paid search we can show relevant ads to people who are searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing for your products or services. This is a highly engaged audience who know what they want and are already part way through the customer lifecycle journey.

Paid social and display on the other hand is great for reaching out to people reading the news, checking their email, watching YouTube or engaging with social media (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc).

Via the Google Display Network we can reach over 90 percent of Internet users across two million websites to increase awareness of your brand, whilst paid social allows for even more specific targeting thanks to the wealth of information social media platforms store on their users, including demographics, interests and behaviours.

What are the benefits of PPC?

  • Completely measurable ROI
  • Immediate visibility and traffic
  • Reach your target demographic (based on age, gender, interests etc.)
  • Rich ad content – text, imagery and video
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Only pay when ads are clicked
  • Suitable for all budgets, big or small

Our PPC Management includes

  • Strategic advice & planning
  • Analytics & tracking review
  • Paid media account build (or restructure)
  • Creative ads written by professional copywriters
  • Relevant keywords/placements aligned with our strategic research
  • Ongoing optimisation and bid management to achieve your objectives
  • Monthly bespoke KPI reporting

What are the main features of PPC & Display?

  • Geographic Targeting & Ad Scheduling

    All ads can be restricted by location which means Paid Media is suitable for both local businesses as well as brands that operate globally. What’s more, ads can be scheduled based upon which time of the day performs best or if you'd rather they weren't active 24/7.

  • Remarketing

    Re-engage with your previous site visitors who for one reason or other didn’t convert – even tempt them back with an exclusive discount just for them.

  • Access the Display Network

    The Google Display Network (GDN) lets us reach over 90% of global internet users across 2 million sites. We can therefore identify websites where your audience spend their time and show them ads.

  • Call Tracking

    It’s important to know the impact of Paid Media on your phone calls, especially with continued growth in mobile usage. Our call tracking solution however means we can provide you with a true reflection of Paid Media performance both offline as well as on.

  • Ecommerce Product Feeds

    If you’re an ecommerce site then we can incorporate your product feed directly into Google’s search results. Not only will this show product prices and images, but it will also instantly reflect changing stock levels.

  • Other Paid Media Networks

    Looking to acquire more business? Expand beyond Google and reach a wider audience across Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

  • App Promotion

    Do you want to drive downloads of your new app in iTunes or the Google Play store? It won’t be downloaded if no one knows it’s there! We selectively target ads that can be seen by Android or iOS users to encourage app downloads.

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