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Google Display Advertising – Brand Safety & Best Practices

In response to major brands including The Guardian, Marks & Spencer and the UK government pulling their advertising from Google’s ad networks after their content appeared alongside extremist videos on YouTube and Google’s Display Network, Google has moved to announce new safety measures.

The steps Google that will be taking place in the coming months are:

  • The default setting for ads is changing so that content has to meet a higher level of brand safety and excludes potentially objectionable content. Brands can then opt in to advertise on broader content.
  • Simplified exclusions from YouTube and the Display Network which will be able to be carried out at account-level.
  • New controls to make it easier to exclude higher risk content

While these details are initially lacking in some technical detail, this announcement has acted as an assurance to advertisers that more will be being done to reduce the prospect of ads appearing alongside unwelcome content.

At Search Seven, as well as making sure we are driving the most relevant and high-quality traffic to our clients’ sites, we regularly review where ads are being shown on the Display Network and on YouTube to minimise risk. This includes initial strict site category exclusions and specific exclusions based on individual client needs, and then regular monitoring of placements.

As a Google Partner Agency, we always have the support of Google in delivering the best results possible and helping us with whatever challenge is presented.

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