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Regularly updating your website with relevant, engaging content should be part of your marketing strategy. Its benefits include everything from organic search to relationship building, providing you with shareable content for social media to converting readers into customers. Our Content Marketing Services cover everything you need to reach your customers through content.

What Is Content Marketing?

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ – but what does it really mean for your business? It means gradually conncontent marketing strategy development with Search Sevenecting with your customers until you become the voice of authority in your industry – their go-to for advice, and finally the company they buy from.

You climb up the organic search rankings as people find your content useful, and the more regularly you post, the more people check back to see what you’re writing about next. It’s a way of converting readers into leads and, eventually, paying customers.

Finding the time to sit down and map out content can be difficult, though. Keyword research, looking at seasonal trends, common queries and a wealth of other data all go into our Content Insight phase, and go into shaping our Content Marketing Strategies. We pride ourselves on understanding your customers queries, and leading them to your website for the answers. Time and time again.

What Are The Benefits of a Content Strategy

  • Build trust with your audience and become an industry expert
  • Increase traffic to your website through organic SEO
  • Integrate content into your marketing strategy and convert visitors into leads
  • Create shareable content for your social media platforms

How Our Content Research Brings Your Strategy To Life

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Search behaviour analysis
  • Seasonal trends and customer personas
  • Competitor content and social media analysis
  • Creation of media list
  • Content creation – including infographics, videos and whitepapers
  • SEO optimised copywriting
  • Outreach and social promotion
  • Identify industry influencers
  • Reporting

How Search Seven Provides Insights to your Content Strategy

  • Ongoing reporting
  • Ongoing competitor content and social media analysis
  • Monthly content creation
  • Outreach and social promotion

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  • Google Analytics 4 Training

    Get to grips with Google Analytics in this training course which will help you make sense of the data you're seeing. Is your account correctly configured, what does the data mean and what insights can you draw from it to improve your marketing performance?

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  • SEO Training (Beginners)

    The world of SEO is always evolving, with Google constantly tweaking their algorithm to deliver a better user experience. From relevancy to authority and trust, we'll make sure you have the knowledge to tick all the right boxes with your site's optimisation.

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