Marketing in the education industry has been evolving at a rapid pace in line with technological advances, with companies now targeting students or teachers via the search engine results page or social media. Once you have users' attention, the process of getting a student from initial interest to actually enrolling is a long one with much consideration and external factors changing their minds. With a digital marketing strategy encompassing SEO, PPC and Paid Social, you’ll be on the right track to increasing the level of interest in you, whether that's coming to open days or investing in your educational product or service.

Our strategy for our educational clients ensures your school, institution or educational company is ranking as high as possible, either organically or through paid search, to beat out competition for specific courses or services. We strive to understand how your audience searches in order to target them efficiently - are they searching for specific course titles for example, or tentatively looking at ‘Nursing Courses’. 

Aside from search engines, target prospective students through their second home - social media! Take advantage of advertising capabilities to reach desired students and garner their interest in both the university and its courses. Promote student enrolment days or a countdown of days to apply through targeted ads to give them the extra push to sign up or apply, or target teaching associations to raise awareness of your product or service.

Our team at Search Seven are well versed in Paid Media & Paid Social Strategy, as well as SEO for educational institutions. In previous years, we’ve put our clients 231% ahead of their CPA target as well as a 212% increase in CTR. Find our more how we helped The Academy of Contemporary Music here

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