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Digital Leadership Forum helps its members and their organisations to innovate and grow in the digital age by designing and running highly interactive, collaborative and inspiring session to help members gain insights to help support their digital strategies.

  • 000 New Leads
  • 00% Drop in Cost Per Lead


Digital Leadership Forum contacted Search Seven to help find potential new members online by promoting their upcoming events, with the additional aim of event sign-ups.

The aim was to identify which channel would be most suitable for this audience.


In our first meeting, it became quickly apparent that LinkedIn would be the most appropriate channel to create a highly targeted audience.

By consulting with Digital Leadership Forum, we identified job titles, levels of seniority, industries, and parts of the country where we were likely to be most effective. We also excluded all existing members to ensure no wasted ad spend.

When deciding on ad formats, to begin with, we created image ads and later introduced carousel and video ads to create highly engaging content. These were then created in both link form (sending traffic to the site where a user can learn more or sign up for an event) as well as lead generation. The lead generation ad format proved to be particularly successful.

As well as this, we added in more tracking to the Digital Leadership Forum site monitor certain touchpoints by a user such as whether they downloaded a brochure or signed up for a newsletter.

Following the launch, we maintained close contact to ensure leads were being followed up with in a prompt fashion, as well as being kept up to date on member sign-ups and event attendance figures.


  • 125 new leads
  • 15% drop in Cost Per Lead
  • High event attendance

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