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We actively sought out a company to help us take our PPC marketing to the next level and after researching various companies we decided on Search Seven. We have seen huge gains over the past year and have always been impressed with how the team is able to adapt to changes within Google as well as rising to the task when we have given them specific targets. We have developed a great partnership based on a shared aim to keep improving and pushing boundaries.

Jez Asfour Funky Hampers

Funky Hampers has thousands of gifts for all occasions. From gourmet food hampers to retro sweet hampers, from handmade chocolate bouquets to random retro gifts. They specialise in producing gifts with a difference, which in turn guarantees to bring smiles to faces.

  • 00% Increase in Revenue
  • 00% Increase in ROAS
  • 000% Increase in CTR


Funky Hampers, like many advertisers, are striving for YoY growth in both revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS).


In the first year of working together, there have been some fantastic results. The strategy for Q4 was to increase ROAS and efficiencies across the account to ensure the busiest time of year was as profitable as possible. Through rigorous testing, we identified what was important to potential customers, which products and categories to focus on and importantly, which audience segments drove the greatest returns.

Q4 2019 YoY Results

  • +43% ROAS
  • -19% CPA
  • +16% AOV

With greater efficiencies in place, we now looked to scale spend and revenue in 2020, while preserving the strong ROAS. With unprecedented challenges throughout March – June, efforts had to be scaled back, which allowed us to create a strategy to hit the ground running for July.


Through greater segmentation, a more aggressive approach around the best performing products and a greater use of automation, we have been able to drive strong YoY growth, in what typically is a quieter time of year.

  • +54% Revenue
  • +18% ROAS
  • +133% CTR

With a staggering variety of gifts available, coupled with a unique offering for businesses to treat their employees, Funky Hampers and Search Seven are well placed in continuing to scale the business and improve upon the yearly growth.

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