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Looking for advice on how to use your business as a vehicle for change? You’ve come to the right place.

As a search marketing agency for social good, we focus our efforts on ‘giving back’ with business and social impact rooted in the idea of putting purpose before profit.

This is what sets apart the ‘Search’ (what we do) to the ‘Seven’ (who we are).

By exercising Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we want to prove that being a company with purpose at its heart could still be profitable and successful, whilst setting an example to others by meeting our fundraising goals and showcasing the positive impact a business can have on its community and beyond.

Our CSR Approach

CSR-7 Logo
Our purpose-driven ethos has been in place since Search Seven started in 2011, and is reflected in our
7% charity pledge where we are committed to giving 7% of our profits to charities chosen by the Search Seven team every year through the hosting and organising of fundraising events, and via direct donations.

While our mission has remained the same, our approach to fundraising has evolved over time.

We’ve provided a breakdown of our seven key learnings below:

1. Engage Your Team

Encourage participation by allowing team members to fundraise for causes that are close to their hearts; cultivating a collective commitment to making a positive impact.

S7 Charity Walk London

2. Engage Your Community

Work with local businesses to build a connected environment for your cause; providing the opportunity to expand your network, whilst creating a reliable base of support for future fundraising endeavours.

3. Give Charities A Platform

Collaborate with non-profit organisations to help generate awareness by providing a platform for them to share their mission with a wider audience, whilst showcasing the impact of your contributions.

4. Sponsorship Is Key

Sponsorship plays a significant role in the sustainability of fundraising events. Connecting with like-minded businesses signals a belief in your charity ethos, whilst allowing them to increase brand visibility.

5. Create Campaigns & Goals

Launch charity initiatives with a set timeframe and a fundraising goal in mind.

After reaching our £77,000 fundraising target in 2021 as part of #share77k followed by our £120,000 fundraising target in 2023 as part of the #S7100 Charity Campaign, we are now setting our sights on a new target and a new campaign – #share177 –  with the aim to raise £177,000 by the end of 2026.

6. Show Your Impact

Don’t be afraid to shout about the positive impact you’ve had by providing evidence of how your business has made a real difference; giving weight to your message whilst helping to inspire and engage others.

7. Put ‘Fun’ Into Your Fundraising

Infuse enthusiasm, creativity, and enjoyment into the process of raising funds. Think outside the box with themed events, interactive experiences, competitions, leaderboards, and unconventional challenges.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing information, insightful stories, and tips related to each chapter on LinkedIn using the hashtag #CSR7. This will pave the way for the release of our ‘CSR-7 eBook ’ which will be available to download for free via our website once the series has finished.

Pre-register your interest to receive your copy as soon as it’s ready and available.

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