Is Your Business ‘SEO Fit’?

It’s often easier to use an analogy to explain SEO.

CEO & Founder, Gavin Willis, pictured at his first spin class in over 15 years!

With the fitness and health craze of January slowly creeping up on us, I wanted to talk about SEO like going to the gym.

It’s about getting your business (or your brand’s online presence) into great shape.

When you start at the gym, you do an induction first, right?

You learn about the equipment, the process, and how it can help you. Your Personal Trainer will identify areas to focus on, and you come away feeling positive about your first session.

BUT although the induction is good, it’s not a one-stop shop.

Once you’ve identified areas to improve and have a better understanding of what’s needed to see further results, it’s about maintaining your fitness; applying those ‘best practices’ on a continual basis to build on those initial quick wins.

So, how does this relate to SEO?

Well, it’s exactly the same. Well, I think so. Stay with me…

The initial SEO audit will help identify areas for improvement, whilst being essential to take stock of where you are currently in your search landscape and learn the main aspects of what Google looks for when they decide how to rank websites.

It’s a session on theory with practical elements that lays the foundations to then build upon.

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It gives you some quick wins for sure, whilst helping to provide a road map for ongoing success by keeping to the core principles outlined to deliver results.

It’s a key prerequisite before you start your ongoing activity to carry out the induction session, although the ongoing activity is where you’ll see the real difference and build momentum.

So, if you’re interested in booking an induction aka a call to chat about your SEO (fitness) goals, then our team of Digital Marketing PTs would love to hear from you, and help you put together an SEO (fitness) plan to get your business in great shape as we enter the New Year.

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