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Content Marketing – Top SEO Tactics for 2013

For quite some time now, businesses and marketers alike have been well aware just how important content marketing has become when it comes to user engagement, so as 2013 approaches, here are a few of the key content tactics to look out for:

Case studies are one of the latest, key emerging areas when it comes to content marketing. Case studies are especially important for explaining products and services to people, what it does and why they may need it?

They are great at answering peoples questions, and as such become invaluable content that can rank well for key searches. They are also crucial in turning site visitors into potential customers as they act as a customer testimonial and help to give trust to a product or service.

White papers and e-books have become very important tactics to use in content marketing. E-books and videos fill similar niches in the market, whereby they are very educational forms of content marketing. This content aims to provide answers to questions around getting the most out of the product or service.

For whitepapers and e-books, you should create content that buyers need to read and see, to make them feel comfortable about their purchase decisions.

Blogging has easily become the most common tactic around,and hardly needs mentioning, but it will continue to be the foundation of all content marketing activities as we head into 2013.

A blog is the hub that combines all your content, from plain text posts to interactive e-books and courses. This hub is your link magnet and getting links to content stored on your blog is, and will be, one of the most effective tactics for some time to come.

Infographics are one of the fastest growing content assets around. Infographics have visual appeal and offer easily digestible information that makes them fun to consume and easy to share. At the same time infographics are relatively easy to create.

Video content will continue to grow. Its easier than ever to create video content but its still under used as a marketing channel. A top tip is to create easy to follow videos (max 2 minutes long) to engage people and make them take the next step of converting on your site or sharing your content with others.

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels. However,the most important aspect is to seek permission from the user to continue the dialogue. This way you can influence them during their path to conversion.

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Also, we will soon be releasing part 2 of our content marketing round up, looking at top tips and trends for 2013… keep em’ peeled!

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