Google Tag Manager (Beginners)

Tags, triggers and variables, what does it all mean?! In our Google Tag Manager training, discover how you can utilise Google Tag Manager (GTM) to deploy third-party tracking scripts, helping you gain extra insight about your visitors in this training course which covers all the fundamentals.

Duration: Half day


  • What is Google Tag Manager?
  • Benefits of GTM
  • Account hierarchy
  • Container code installation
  • User interface
  • Tags, triggers and variables
  • What is a tag?
    • Supported (i.e. Google Analytics)
    • Custom (i.e. Facebook)
  • What is a trigger?
    • Page views
    • Clicks
    • Scroll depth
    • Video interactions
    • Form submissions
    • Custom events
    • Trigger groups
  • What is a variable?
    • Built in
    • User defined
    • Lookup tables
    • Datalayer
    • Ecommerce
  • Debugging
  • Publishing
  • Q&A
Ask about our Google Tag Manager training today
  • For up to four people per class
  • Our training takes place both online and face to face, depending on your preference.
  • For larger groups please contact us
  • Special rates for charities

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