Google Tag Manager (Beginners)

Tags, triggers and variables, what does it all mean?! Discover how you can utilise Google Tag Manager (GTM) to deploy third-party tracking scripts, helping you gain extra insight about your visitors in this training course which covers all the fundamentals.

Duration: Half day


  • What is Google Tag Manager?
  • Benefits of GTM
  • Account hierarchy
  • Container code installation
  • User interface
  • Tags, triggers and variables
  • What is a tag?
    • Supported (i.e. Google Analytics)
    • Custom (i.e. Facebook)
  • What is a trigger?
    • Page views
    • Clicks
    • Scroll depth
    • Video interactions
    • Form submissions
    • Custom events
    • Trigger groups
  • What is a variable?
    • Built in
    • User defined
    • Lookup tables
    • Datalayer
    • Ecommerce
  • Debugging
  • Publishing
  • Q&A
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  • For up to four people per class
  • Our training takes place both online and face to face, depending on your preference.
  • For larger groups please contact us
  • Special rates for charities

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