Google Ads PPC Workshop (Bespoke)

Looking for a more tailored training session that is bespoke to your business and Google Ads account? Our Google Ads PPC Workshop is a 3 step process; initial account audit by one of our specialists, followed by a presentation on findings and opportunities, finishing with a practical session to implement changes.

We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your Google Ads account to provide you with a tailored training session based on your current account performance. The session will highlight areas for improvement, opportunities for growth and help implement best practices across all elements of the account.

Duration: 1 day


Theory/Audit findings

  • KPIs & Objectives
  • Current performance
  • Areas for improvement
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Ongoing optimisations
  • Best practices


  • Implement proposed changes in Google Ads or Google Ads Editor
  • Agree on next steps and strategy of account
Starting at £1,000 – Ask about our training today
  • For up to four people per class
  • Our training takes places at our seaside offices in Brighton & Hove
  • For larger groups and/or a different venue please contact us

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