Digital Marketing Training

Navigating the complexities of digital marketing can feel overwhelming. With its ever-changing landscape, complete with algorithm updates, acronyms, and data analysis, understanding the data comes with its challenges.

That’s where our digital marketing training courses come in. Designed to cover all the essentials – from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to PPC, SEO and Paid Social Media. These sessions serve as an excellent way for managing your marketing channels. They allow you to gain insights from your data and make well-informed decisions.

Additionally, we offer workshops that offer a more hands-on approach to your digital marketing strategies. Here, we uncover opportunities within your own accounts, providing you with the opportunity to practice techniques and refine skills first hand.

  • Google Analytics 4 Training

    Get to grips with Google Analytics in this training course which will help you make sense of the data you're seeing. Is your account correctly configured, what does the data mean and what insights can you draw from it to improve your marketing performance?

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  • SEO Training (Beginners)

    The world of SEO is always evolving, with Google constantly tweaking their algorithm to deliver a better user experience. From relevancy to authority and trust, we'll make sure you have the knowledge to tick all the right boxes with your site's optimisation.

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  • Virtual Google PPC Training For Beginners

    This online training session is ideal for those who are looking to get started with Google Ad PPC advertising or have some previous experience and are looking to stay up to date with industry best practices.

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  • Google Ads PPC Training (Bespoke)

    Looking for a more tailored training session that's bespoke to your business and Google Ads account? Our Google Ads PPC Workshop is a 3 step process; initial account audit, followed by a presentation, finishing with a practical session to implement changes.

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  • Google Tag Manager (Beginners)

    Tags, triggers and variables, what does it all mean?! Discover how you can utilise Google Tag Manager to deploy third-party tracking scripts, helping you gain extra insight about your visitors in this training course which covers all the fundamentals.

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  • Paid Social Media Training

    If you are struggling to connect with your customers, or don’t know where to start? Our paid social media training provides you with the best practice skills that you’ll be able to implement straight away.

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What are the benefits of a training course or workshop?

  • Actionable Training

    Using insights learnt on the day you can go back to the office with great
    ideas to implement.

  • Increase your Value

    Learn new skills or expand your
    existing knowledge to help increase
    your value to your employer.

  • Learn from Professionals

    You’ll be learning from an experienced
    professional who has years of
    knowledge to share with you.

  • Full Training Documentation

    Don’t worry about hastily making
    notes, everything discussed will also be
    emailed across to you.

  • Tea, Coffee and Biscuits!

    For our In-person workshops, no training session would be complete
    without a selection of hot drinks and
    chocolate biscuits to help keep your
    brain alert.

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