Paid Social Media

What is Paid Social?

paid social services

Paid social is great for reaching out to individuals based on their interests, demographics and behaviours across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn and TikTok

Advertising on paid social platforms allows businesses to generate brand awareness, influence purchases or enquiries and keep their existing customer base engaged.

What are the benefits of Paid Social?

  • ROI that can be measured
  • Only pay when ads are clicked
  • Available for all budgets
  • Instant visibility to your target audience
  • You can create ads to target your audience based on their interests & behaviour and demographics
  • Various ad types are available to showcase your service or product such as text, display & video ads
  • Supports increasing brand awareness

How our Paid Social targeting brings your strategy to life

  • Full strategic advice, planning and execution in line with your business objectives
  • Ensuring your account is set up correctly with an analytics & tracking review
  • We can support you from initial account build or a restructure if needed
  • Strategic research is carried out to find relevant keywords to put your ads in front of the right users
  • Regular strategy reviews

What insights do you gain for your Paid Social strategy?

  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Increasing ROI and maximise efficiencies through bid management
  • Frequent testing of ads to ensure the most relevant and top performing ad types are served
  • Audience segmentation
  • Attribution analysis
  • Bespoke KPI reporting in your own bespoke dashboard
  • Review meetings


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