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On 1st July 2023, Google Analytics started to turn off their Universal Analytics and fully roll out Google Analytics 4. This means your Universal Analytics account will no longer collect website data and you will need to be setup with GA4 on your website to record valuable data for your business. Whilst some accounts are still showing live UA data, this will eventually stop as Google are rolling out in phases.

We can help you migrate your existing UA account over or get your GA4 setup for the first time.

In addition to helping you migrate or setup, we can work with you to identify additional opportunities where tracking can be improved. This can involve an audit of your current analytics account or Google Tag Manager account.


What Is GA4

Google Analytics 4 is Google’s new way of tracking that has replaced views with a event and session based tracking. This better represents they way in which a visitor uses a website.

The Benefits of GA4

  • GA4 combines user behaviour through data streams in which you can track data for both your website and mobile apps
  • Being able to use BigQuery and sync it directly to your new GA4 account
  • Predictive machine learned data
  • New ways of reporting, allowing you to discover more through the explore reports

What Will Happen To My Universal Analytics Data?

We recommend getting setup with Google Analytics 4 as early a possible. This will allow you to have the two accounts running parallel. This ensures data hasn’t been lost and in the event of data discrepancies this allows time to spot and correct it.

You will still have access to your historic Universal Analytics data until 2024, but from 1st July 2023 no further data will be collected and you will need to be setup with GA4 to see an website or mobile app data.


How we can help you

Packages for all migration needs

Our fantastic team can help you get setup with a basic migration all the way to an in-depth bespoke migration.

Google Tag Manager Audit

Now is a great time to have an audit of your Google Tag Manager account. GA4 comes with some great new features, we would look to ensure your GTM is making the most of this with your tracking.

GA4 Training

As with anything new, getting to grips with how things are setup is always helpful. We can offer virtual training on how to use your new GA4 account, what metrics to track and where to find reports that have meaning for your business.

Find out more about our GA4 Training 

We also provide training across Google Analytics, SEO, Google Tag Manager and more. Discover our digital marketing training packages

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  • Google Analytics 4 Training

    Get to grips with Google Analytics in this training course which will help you make sense of the data you're seeing. Is your account correctly configured, what does the data mean and what insights can you draw from it to improve your marketing performance?

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  • Google Tag Manager (Beginners)

    Tags, triggers and variables, what does it all mean?! Discover how you can utilise Google Tag Manager to deploy third-party tracking scripts, helping you gain extra insight about your visitors in this training course which covers all the fundamentals.

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  • SEO Training (Beginners)

    The world of SEO is always evolving, with Google constantly tweaking their algorithm to deliver a better user experience. From relevancy to authority and trust, we'll make sure you have the knowledge to tick all the right boxes with your site's optimisation.

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