Digital Marketing Strategy

Before beginning any marketing, it’s important to perform a thorough analysis of your site and benchmark performance against competitors.

What Insights Can We Provide You With?

As part of your digital marketing strategy, we conduct a Search behaviour analysis which helps to show us how people are searching for what your website offers. We can then prioritise activity based on search demand, relevancy and seasonal trends.

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Using this data we can then forecast a potential ROI, which can help you justify marketing spend.

Insights from the search behaviour analysis also helps to drive a content strategy by highlighting opportunities and keyword gaps.

Strategy development is guided by our understanding of people’s questions and concerns, whilst competitor research can shed light on what others are publishing, and why their websites rank where they do.

Collectively, all of these insights allow us to formulate a strategy that is right for you and aligned with your objectives.

The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Discover why your competitors are ranking higher than you
  • Synchronise marketing activity with key seasonal trends or events
  • Increase conversion rates by focusing on search terms based on intent, not just search volume
  • Identify new opportunities for content creation based on search behaviour
  • Ensure time and budget are prioritised

How Search Seven Can Support Your Strategy Development

  • Search behaviour analysis
  • Seasonal trends
  • ROI forecasting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analytics review
  • Content marketing strategy

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