Analytics & Reporting

With so much data available it’s very easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of numbers, yet understanding digital analytics is important to monitor performance and drive continual improvements of the online experience for your website. Rock solid data that hit’s the sweet spot!

From impressions and click-through-rates to bounce rates and ROI – there’s a lot to take in, and our reporting helps simplify this by concisely explaining the data and putting it in context, together with actionable insights to squeeze the most out of your marketing budget.

We also understand that the data you’re interested in may be different to that of your CEO, so that’s why all of our reports are completely bespoke and focus on agreed KPIs so that everyone has the data they require to help them make decisions.

What are the benefits of Analytics & Reporting?

  • Monitor traffic, enquiries and/or sales
  • Optimisation of marketing campaigns – using analytical data we can refine performance
  • Identify your audience – see data by location, age, gender and interests
  • Identify website usability issues – see conversion rate optimisation

Our Analytics & Reporting service includes

  • Analytics & tracking review
  • Bespoke KPI reporting
  • Recent activity – what tasks have been performed and why
  • Actionable insights – what tasks are planned for the month ahead
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