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If you're looking to increase attendance in your events or footfall to your bar or restaurant, it's important to understand how your users are searching for places to go. As the days of billboards and newspaper advertisements fade away, customers are now being targeted through a variety of online strategies in order to gain recognition and sell tickets. 

With our SEO package, through consistent keyword research, we will ensure you are ranking highly for relevant search terms, as well as optimise your site both technically and through content to increase your domain authority. This also includes Google Analytics and Tracking reviews to identify opportunities and find new ways to target those looking for your event or brand. We can also utilise Google’s tools through both the search engine results page and other Google products, such as Google Maps, to increase more interactive results and increase chances of discovery and conversion.  

Through paid media, there are a variety of channels and strategies to reach customers everywhere. Using a mix of channels such as Google and Facebook, we can integrate the right channels to hit the right audience at the right time to achieve goals. Use Facebook to target people that like your page or have previously clicked attending for past events, then use Google to create campaigns targeting those that have visited your site but not yet converted.

With users turning to the internet to get their event information, now more than ever is the perfect time to invest in SEO & PPC. Our team are well versed in promoting events and can have increased ticket sales for clients, for example Sussex Cricket Club, by 450%. Find out more about how we did this here, or get in touch today to find out how we can help you through this transitional period.

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