Ecommerce has an incredibly competitive digital landscape. According to Jumpshot, 25% of Google product searches turn into transactions within five days, meaning your site needs the right content and features to improve visibility organically, as well as ensuring your strategy of both paid and organic bringing in high-quality traffic is essential.

Ecommerce presents a huge opportunity for SEO due to so many search variations to tap into - whether people are searching by product names, features, categories, deals, reviews or free delivery. Deciding what to optimise for is just one challenge, with big ecommerce sites it's also important the information architecture is handled correctly, along with faceted navigation and discontinued products etc. Our Search Behaviour Analysis and SEO audit addresses all of this, helping you to grow your market share.

The nature of ecommerce sites often means there’s a wealth of data to be mined for insight, but that requires the tracking to be set up correctly. Transactions are just the beginning, are you analysing the funnel to monitor abandonment rates? Are 3rd party payment processors setup to track? Are you looking at the correct attribution model for your product offering? Our Google Analytics tracking audits make sure you start off on the right foot.

As a data-driven model, PPC is a fantastic model for ecommerce as it gives you ample opportunity to optimise and test. It adapts to your business’ needs - work against your own targets, set your own budgets and scale through seasonality. 

Google Ads are also delivering new ways to advertise - promoting products has never been better. Use Product Listing Ads (PLAs), also known as Google Shopping, you can target ready-to-buy shoppers who are actively looking for your products. Try dynamic remarketing to push users lower down the sales funnel and convert.

With Search Seven, we can assist you with your eCommerce journey, from setting up Google Merchant Centre to rolling out eye-capturing ads in order to stand out from competitors and increase sales, whilst taking into account your goals, whether that be Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) efficiency or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) increase. Our e-commerce clients have achieved a 54% increase in revenue and 18% increase is ROAS, so find out more about how we achieved this here or get in touch today to discuss how we can help you.

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