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What Would Partnering With Search Seven Mean For Your Business

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Search marketing is constantly changing and each update throws new challenges for your website and business. By having the right team along side you, you are better prepared to handle whatever changes may arise and respond to the most recent developments quickly. Sometimes this can mean outsourcing, which can be a difficult conversation and involves a high level of trust in who you give ownership to.

This is why it is so important to partner with a team that have the right knowledge and expertise and will support you in what is the best decisions for your business.

When we collaborate with partners, we offer a 7% referral fee. This is broken down by:

5% referral fee for our partners

2% goes to a charity of their choice

Maybe you have a client who you feel could benefit from our specialist services, or perhaps they have spoken to you about search marketing? If so, reach out to us and our experienced team can scope out their potential.

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