Search Seven Newsletter

Search Seven Newsletter

The Search Seven newsletter provides subscribers with valuable insights and updates relating to various industry topics within the world of search marketing, including PPC, SEO, Paid Socials, and other online business strategies.

The newsletter will wing its way to your inbox twice a month with the aim to deliver:

  • Company Updates: a bi-monthly overview from the world of Search Seven.
  • Events: exclusive invitations and ticket reminders for Search Seven events, including post-event recaps and trade show attendance updates.
  • Expert Advice: collaborations with like-minded industry professionals, and helpful anecdotes from members of the Search Seven team.
  • Latest Trends: pulling together the latest online resources, outlining best practices, and highlighting emerging technologies within the realm of search marketing.
  • Actionable Tips: strategies to improve your online presence and drive results.
  • Case Studies/Testimonials: success stories from past and existing clients.
  • Surveys: have your say on how we can improve our services and offerings.
  • Exclusive Content: instant access to our most recent blog posts covering additional themes such as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), news bulletins and team updates.
  • Community Engagement: keeping readers informed about Search Seven’s social impact in Sussex and beyond as a result of its charity-giving endeavours.
  • Charity Initiatives: information on charitable activities that Search Seven and its partners are hosting and how you can get involved in giving back.


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