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Search Seven never stand still when it comes to adopting latest practices and techniques to keep us up to date and visible on the search engines.

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Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd is one of the largest independent vehicle leasing brokers in the UK, specialising in a variety of contract types aimed at private individuals through to the largest of blue chip companies in supplying and financing all makes and models of cars or commercial vehicles.

  • 000% Increase in Organic Visits
  • 000% Improvement to CPA from PPC


Tilsun were one of Search Seven’s first clients, and in the early days of the relationship the focus was solely on maximizing results from the PPC campaign.

As the relationship grew, we knew there was potential to achieve great results in the organic listings too, and so we also put together an SEO strategy with the aim of ranking for more non-brand keywords in order to boost traffic and ultimately leasing enquiries.


With the objective of driving more visitors to the site, we provided a technical SEO audit to ensure there were no hurdles preventing it from reaching its full potential, together with a full meta review which brought all keyword usage in-line with analysis into user search behaviour. This was supported with a content marketing strategy which saw the promotion of engaging infographics as well as monthly blogger outreach to relevant and authoritative sites.

In terms of PPC, we also developed a strategy which covered both Google and Bing to ensure maximum visibility for core terms, and which was continually refined to improve the CPA. It was also very reactive, with focus frequently changing to promote the latest offers whilst also pushing certain models to help with stock management.


Having worked with Tilsun for over 3 years we have seen huge improvements, including…

  • 730% increase in organic traffic
  • 200% improvement to CPA from PPC

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