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The PHA Group

Based in Soho, the heart of London’s media hub, the PHA Group are an award-winning PR agency which is equally at home raising the profile of their clients as they are protecting reputations from negative publicity in both traditional media and online.

  • 00% Increase in YoY Organic Traffic
  • 00% Increase in Enquiry Form Submissions
  • 00% Increase in eBook Conversion Rate


They first approached us in July 2015 with the aim of increasing their rankings within the search results, as well as their inbound calls and contact form submissions for their core services.


In order to get a better understanding of PHA’s market we undertook a comprehensive strategic research phase which not only identified user search behaviour, but also delved into the competitor landscape to see who else was ranking and why, as this differed significantly across verticals (i.e. Tech PR vs Consumer).
Insight from this was factored into our SEO audit which ensured the site adhered to best practice and was also aligned with search behaviour, with particular emphasis on their core service pages which presented a lot of opportunities for growth.

Our competitor research also helped guide our content marketing strategy, which being PR specialists they were best placed to put into action. With both agencies liaising closely PHA were then able to secure frequent coverage on both relevant and authoritative sites in order to build both brand awareness and their all-important link profile in order to boost their online visibility.
This was not only supported with ongoing competitor link analysis, but we also delivered several training sessions in order to improve the in-house knowledge of the PR team around content marketing and social media, thereby exploiting the natural synergy between both agencies.

Having seen impressive traffic growth from continued SEO consultancy (both on and off-site) we also started to focus on improving the conversion rate, and sitting on a wealth of data we were well positioned to perform a full conversion audit.

This allowed us to identify under-performing areas which were ideal for improvement, and we subsequently ran several conversion tests focussing on funnelling visitors to core pages as well as improving form completion rates.

More recently, based on the great results we’ve seen from both SEO and CRO over the past two years we’ve also launched a PPC campaign in order to be more reactive and promote specific services based upon in-house demand – and so far the conversion rate for this is out-performing all other traffic sources by 327%.


  • YoY organic traffic to core pages increased by 32%
  • This led to a 24% increase in enquiry form submissions
  • 15% increase in conversion rate for ebook downloads

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