Search Seven took on the digital marketing for a relaunch of one of our websites. They provided clear and concise guidance for what was needed for Meta, Google and Microsoft Ads and at each stage of the process our account manager was happy to help with any challenges that arose. The reporting we received was clear and exact and made disseminating information within our organisation easy.


Mi-Guardian is a personal alarm business that is part of The Millbrook Healthcare Group. Each day, Mi-Guardian helps people to remain safe and independent in their homes with their alarms, which are easy to use and discreet. With their alarms, at the push of a button, you can receive help and will be connected to their highly experienced staff who can send out emergency services, family or friends, 365 days a year.

Through paid search and paid social marketing, Mi-Guardian were hoping to increase sales and decrease their cost-per-sale, as well as improve their awareness using two key personas. As part of this, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Instagram were key platforms in achieving such goals through a full-funnel approach.

Paid Search Solution:

Our initial approach began by conducting in-depth research around search behaviour and consumer trends within the personal alarm industry, across the UK, using Keyword Planner and SEMRush to identify keywords and patterns. Once complete we then focused on building well-structured Google Search and Microsoft Search accounts, that were focused on campaigns that would be rewarded by effective and budget-efficient delivery.

Following our initial setup we continually reviewed and optimised the campaigns, tweaking them based on incremental data on each search engine, to ensure maximum performance. Our review process also included testing new campaign types; expanding on standard search campaigns we also tested shopping campaigns, dynamic search ad campaigns, and performance max.  We also refined our keyword match types within our search campaigns to ensure that we continually worked on reducing the cost-per-click and overall cost-per-conversion.

Pay-per-click Results:

  • 00% Increase in Conversions
  • 00% Decrease in Cost per Acquisition
  • 00% Increase in Click-through Rate

Paid Social Solution:

Our initial approach to paid social surrounded lower-funnel, persona-led campaigns for both the service user and also family members or friends. Setting up two different campaigns targeted to different users we were able to create ads that were engaging with the audience and addressed their different concerns. We also tested different ad formats including static images and carousels and a range of image styles such as testimonials, to see which resonated most with each target audience.

As we gathered data, increased the volume of conversions which we were generating, and lowered the cost we were then able to progress into a fuller funnel approach, adding in brand awareness and retargeting-based campaigns. Having such an approach then allowed us to nurture potential customers through the purchase journey much more effectively, to further improve results.

Paid Social Results:

  • 00% Increase in Conversions
  • 00% Decrease in Cost per Conversion
  • 00% Decrease in Cost per 100 Impressions

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