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Search Seven deliver! Our site SEO needed serious attention, thanks to Jade's and Harley's expertise we're in a vastly better place. Everyone on the team is a joy to work with, projects and tasks were completed on time. There was always a clear and accessible plan of action. As well as being very responsive, they care about what we're working towards. It is clear that they are fighting in your corner, proactively seeking ways for your business to attain better results


DenGro offer dental practices a software solution to lead management, marketing automation, nurturing patients and converting leads, all in one easy-to-use CRM platform.

Through Search Engine Optimisation DenGro’s goal was to increase their Organic presence by identifying and ranking for relevant keywords with the aim of driving higher intent-driven traffic to the website and increasing Demo sign ups and sales.

The Approach:

The first step in the campaign was to undertake a Search Behaviour Analysis report which worked to identify the most relevant and potentially traffic-driving keywords for DenGro and their product. The team then worked on a Competitor Analysis breakdown that looked at the ranking competition’s various technical benchmarks alongside optimisation and the content available site-wide. This initial research helped to establish a clear Keyword Strategy on which to optimise the site around.

A Technical SEO Audit identified some areas that required improving and this alongside some historical data led to the decision by DenGro to migrate the website to WordPress for ease of use and to change the existing structure and build of the original website.

Once launched, a second audit was taken of the new website and actioned to ensure a smooth experience for users and search engines alike.

The Website Migration:

Website migrations are a complex task that come with serious risks as if not done correctly they can lead to disastrous results such big losses of ranking keywords and Organic traffic.

Search Seven understand the importance of a successful migration and therefore put a clear plan in place in order to reduce risks and ensure that the move from one platform to another was done with the preservation of Organic results in mind. As well as these initial steps, Search Seven supported DenGro by reviewing and making recommendations on all related steps ongoing throughout the entire process.

This work resulted in a smooth transition where both rankings and traffic were successfully preserved and carried over onto the new website platform.


The results of a 12-month SEO campaign from November 2021 to November 2022 are as follows:

  • 000% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 00% Increase in Organic Keywords
  • 000% Increase in Top 10 Positions


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