Countrystyle Recycling Case Study


Countrystyle Recycling is a dynamic, privately owned resource management and waste recycling business, based in Kent. They were looking to improve their digital presence through pay-per-click marketing, on both Google and Bing as well as through Paid Social marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Their main focus was to increase their Quote Submission conversions, as well as increase brand awareness through upper-funnel, social marketing. 

Pay-per-click Solution:

Initial work began with understanding search behaviour in the waste management sector, specifically in the two locations Countrystyle operate in, Kent and Cambridgeshire. We carried out extensive keyword research, using both Keyword Planner and Answer the Public, with the latter identifying high intent long-tail keywords. This highlighted that users were searching by material specific terms, such as ‘plasterboard recycling’ or ‘commercial wood recycling’ as well as broad, generic terms such as ‘waste management’. 

This guided the restructure to ensure all bases were covered, including implementing a Brand campaigns due to the competitiveness of the market, ensuring search impression share was high for users searching directly for them. We rolled out a variety of match types, including tests on Broad match to enhance conversions as well as utilise as a keyword-mining tool. Dynamic Search Ads were also implemented, focusing on the content-heavy services pages resulting in excellent conversion rates. 

We ensured the new structure was replicated on Bing, where originally minimal campaigns were running. This platform proves to be a low-cost strategy that converts at a similar level to Google, targeting the B2B users that Bing usually sees. 

Pay-per-click Results: 

  • 00% Increase in Impressions
  • 00% Increase in Clicks
  • 00% Increase in Conversions

Paid Social Solution: 

Our initial paid social approach surrounded audiences and involved conducting detailed research into the target audience and their interests and traits using campaign planner tools across LinkedIn and Meta.  Using our research we then created an upper-funnel campaign, designed to create brand awareness and encourage the target audience to visit the website.

Our upper-funnel targeting generated high-quality brand awareness and traffic to the website using blog-based ads on prevalent topics within the waste management industry, such as plastic recycling and packaging. Our ads highlighted some of the key takeaways from the blog and encouraged those viewing the ad to read more, through powerful messaging and calls to action.

Once we had generated a sizable volume of brand awareness we then moved towards a combined lead generation and brand awareness approach, that used custom audiences and the learnings from the upper-funnel targeting to generate conversions. Using a funnel-style approach we have been able to nurture our target audience through the funnel and generate high-quality leads.

Paid Social Results:

  • 00% Increase in Link Clicks
  • 00% Increase in Click-through Rate
  • 00% Increase in Conversions


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