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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become an integral part of any successful digital marketing strategy. With over 5.6 billion searches conducted daily on Google alone, it’s crucial to ensure that your website ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs) to attract potential customers and drive traffic to your site.

At Search Seven, we often conduct training sessions to help our clients improve their knowledge of SEO and equip them with the necessary skills to optimise their websites in-house and stay competitive.

When undertaking the training with our long-standing client, Boundless by CSMA, we covered a variety of topics focusing on on-site, off-site, and technical SEO. As part of the three group sessions we analysed the importance of Search Engine Optimisation, how SEO works and looked at Google’s objectives around ranking. In addition to that, we also discussed E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) and how to follow best practice SEO when creating or optimising pages within the site.

What did the client say?

A useful overview of SEO and how it is evolving. Simple and digestible information with clear examples to relate back to Boundless. Our SEO Account Manager delivered a clear and concise overview of SEO and best practice. With a few giggles built in. Great refresh.

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