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Approved Workshop Scheme

The Client

A leading certification authority, the Approved Workshop Scheme sets the benchmark for servicing motorhomes and touring caravans across the UK. By ensuring workshops adhere to their rigorous quality and service standards, they offer peace of mind to vehicle owners. Recognising the potential to enhance their digital presence, they sought to leverage SEO to connect with a broader audience, driving more qualified traffic to their website.

The Objective

The primary goal was to increase the scheme’s visibility in organic search results, thereby attracting more targeted visitors to their site. A crucial part of this objective was not just to drive traffic but to convert a higher percentage of this traffic into actionable leads or customers. This dual focus is aimed at both widening the top of the funnel with more visitors and improving the efficiency of the conversion process at the website level.

The Solution

Beginning with a comprehensive audit, the strategy involved identifying and implementing improvements across various aspects of SEO. On-site efforts focused on enhancing the relevance and quality of content, ensuring it met the informational and transactional search intent of potential visitors. Off-site SEO is aimed at building a robust backlink profile to elevate the site’s authority and trustworthiness. Technical SEO changes tackled usability issues, improving site speed, responsiveness, and overall user experience. These efforts were structured as part of an ongoing retainer, allowing for continuous optimisation and adaptation to evolving SEO best practices.

The Results

  • 00% Increase in Organic Search Users
  • 00% Increase in Engaged Sessions YoY
  • 00% Increase in Organic Events YoY
  • 00% Increase in Organic Events 124.8%

Search Seven have been an invaluable in helping us improve our website content. Since working with them we have seen a marked improvement in amount and quality of traffic to our website. With their help and guidance, we now have a better understanding of how our website works and what is needed to ensure we have the best possible exposure. The team are super helpful, especially our account manager, Yordan, who is a fountain of knowledge and is always around help us whenever and wherever. The service Search Seven provide is a must for any business looking to have the best online presence they can.


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