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I joined 6 months ago and have found Search Seven to be proactive and knowledgeable on our specific market dynamics. They have ensured our costs have reduced and our conversion rates increased. Their work has helped us gain valuable ground in a very competitive digital environment.

Angelina Ward, Alina Homecare

Alina Homecare provides specialist care at home support for adults and children including those with disabilities and complex care needs across the south of England.

  • 00% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 00% Reduction in CPA
  • 00% Increase in CTR


Alina Homecare came to Search Seven with several goals and KPIs;

  • Increase volume of enquiries through Paid Search
  • Reduce CPA and improve Ad Spend efficiency
  • Increase lead quality
  • Support Alina Homecare’s visibility and prominence particularly around new branches
  • Improve tracking and gain greater understanding of Paid Search contribution to overall enquiries


Search Seven initially conducted a full tracking audit, ensuring a greater holistic understanding of the Paid Search contribution to overall enquiries. With this in place, Search Seven were able to confidently optimise performance by increasing prominence for keywords that had a higher propensity to convert. These learnings, layered with deeper insights into user behaviour across time of day, devices and audience demographics, allowed for a more direct strategy to be in front of the right user at the right time on the right device. As a result, Search Seven increased the Conversion Rate by 51% and reduced the CPA by -25%.

Working closely with the team at Alina Homecare, Search Seven ensured the enquiries being driven by the Paid Search campaign were correlating with lead quality internally, ensuring the Paid Search activity was fully aligned with business objectives.

Search Seven are continuing to work closely with Alina Homecare as they expand and open new branches in an increasingly competitive market.


  • 51% increase in conversion rate
  • 25% drop in CPA
  • 21% improvement to CTR

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