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Single Step

Since 2017, Single Step Bulgaria has been supporting and empowering the LGBTI youth in Bulgaria by creating virtual and physical safe spaces. They offer various forms of crucial support including online chat, a phone hotline, and support peer groups for LGBTI youth and their families.

The foundation took part in Nova Broadcasting Groups’ campaign ‘The Change’ and became a finalist. On the back of the publicity they gained, they were able to establish themselves as one of the key LGBTI organisations in the country and allowed them to fund their multifunctional community centre ‘The Steps’, a social enterprise and a physical safe space.

Why did I choose this charity and what does their mission mean to me?

According to the Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex People in Bulgaria published in February 2022, my home country holds 40th place out of 49 European countries. The criteria is based on several factors including various forms of equality, freedom of expression and speech, laws, protection and recognition of LGBTI people.

Having witnessed homophobia, transphobia and textbook examples of hate crime, I always felt that many people are having to suppress themselves or seek life in another country to survive and be true to who they are. This experience is shared among many of my peers who identify themselves as members of the community and like the founder of Single Step, Ivan Dimov, I want to run in the opposite direction and face this problem in order to find a solution.

Single Step Charity

Past and future fundraising efforts.

One of the reasons I joined Search Seven back in May 2022 was to help make a difference. As an agency, we pledge 7% of our profits to charity and each team member can support a cause that is close to their heart. To me, Single Step resembles just that. My goal is to walk 100 Miles in August in an attempt to reach my fundraiser goal of £250 and receive a match from Search Seven, bringing the grand total to £500 or 1,155 Bulgarian Lev and be sent directly to Single Step Bulgaria to allow them to continue their mission in making my home country safer for members of the LGBT community.

Why I think everyone should support this charity

LGBTI rights are human rights. We must act now to help make that essential first step and create a viable, strong and proud community. Please support me on my #S7100 campaign through the designated JustGiving page.


🎯Thank you for helping me reach the initial target of £250 reached as of 26th July 2022. Search Seven have confirmed they would match that bringing the total to £500.

🎯 New goal as of 27th July 2022 is to raise £350, bringing the total to £600.

🎯 New goal as of 5th August 2022 is to raise £450, bringing the total to £700.

🎯 New goal as of 8th August 2022 is to raise £500, bringing the total to £750.


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