#share7 charity spotlight: The Clock Tower Sanctuary

To continue our charity spotlight section, where we will provide an overview of each charity we are supporting in our 2018 #share7 campaign, today we are focusing on The Clock Tower SanctuaryEvery member of the Search Seven team has chosen a charity to support this year that is close to their hearts, with The Clock Tower Sanctuary, being the charity that Andy Austin, our Client Services Manager chose to support through the #share7 fundraising initiative.

Andy states “Unfortunately homelessness continues to grow, with young adults being among the most vulnerable and likely to have had a tough start in life. So the support, facilities, activities and life-skills training The Clock Tower Sanctuary provide are vital in helping to improve their situation and make a positive move towards a life after homelessness ”

On being included in #share7, Clock Tower Sanctuary said: ““The enthusiasm and compassion of the #search7 team is second to none – we’re chuffed to have their support! The money they raise will go a long way to helping vulnerable young people in our City break away from homelessness.”              (Natalia Borg, Development Manager, Clock Tower Sanctuary)

We have three big charity events lined up this year, starting with a charity football match at the AMEX stadium on May 7th(7pm kick off), followed by a golf event on August 30th and a quiz night on November 22nd. More info can be found here, with sponsorship packages available for the AMEX game, as well as how to enquire about places for a golf and a quiz team!




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