Nkuringo Foundation - S7 Water Tank - August 2017

The ‘S7 Water Tank’ has arrived in Uganda!

We were thrilled to hear that the S7 Water Tank that we donated to the Nkuringo School in Bwindi, Uganda, had finally arrived, and it’s not long now until we visit.

Search Seven are planning to visit the school is September 2017, to meet the children and also Asgario – the community leader and also the person who has helped to organise the trip and will be the tour guide.

Search Seven have sponsored children at the school since 2015, (Picture of Allan Mubuganzi below right) working with Janet and the Nkuringo Foundation to provide much needed funds to support children through their education in alignment with the schools objectives (below):


  • To provide affordable quality education to children, especially to orphans
  • To give parental guidance, monitoring and counseling services to orphaned and vulnerable children
  • To equip the children with life skills and improve their talents like music and art
  • To help children grow up in decent homes where they can be provided for their basic needs, food, shelter, clothing and medical care
  • To indicate a spirit of team work and solidarity in the community for sustainable social and economic development,
  • To educate the children about the importance of conservation,
  • Create and maintain sustainable employment opportunities, and working environment for the neighboring communities
  • Encourage good hygiene and a healthy diet to combat malnutrition

Please follow us on social media to keep track of our trip as it happens, and i am sure we will have some excellent photos and memories to share with you all upon our return.




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