Alan at Nkuringo Infant & Primary School

S7 pledge support to a school in Uganda, extending our charitable efforts to beyond Sussex!

Here at Search Seven we’re committed to helping charities and local community projects, although sometimes this extends beyond Sussex – in this case it’s extended to Uganda. It’s here we’re pleased to be sponsoring four-year-old Allan Mubangizi (pictured right) from the Nkuringo Infant & Primary School.

The school was started back in February 2011 when local community leader, Asgario Turyagyenda, highlighted the lack of education in this part of the country. Whilst some advantaged children had an education, for many this was out of the question due to a tiring 20km walk to and from the school or not being able to afford the transport.

Now with the help of the Nkuringo Infant & Primary School, 115 children including Allan can not only receive the education they deserve, but will also receive a hot meal as well as help with clothing and medical care. A further 30% of these children are also orphans so are provided with shelter to help them break the cycle of poverty!

If you’d also be interested in helping improve the lives of children in Uganda then take a look at the Bwindi Community Initiative Program as your donation would be greatly appreciated.

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