The Children’s Respite Trust are a charity that improves the lives of children with profound learning and physical disabilities by helping them to get a short break. This provides families with the time to rest and help them to cope with the strain of caring for a disabled child without support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why did I choose this charity and what does their mission mean to me?

I chose this charity in memory of my childhood best friend, Ellie, who had passed away in a children’s respite facility. Ellie has been at the heart of everything I do. When interviewing for Search Seven, I realised that the team had completed some work for Chestnut Tree House. This was the respite facility where she passed away. It really felt like fate. I have grown up seeing the lack of support families of disabled children receive and the strain that this causes, which is why this mission is so important.

Past and future fundraising efforts.


I have been fundraising for various different children’s respite facilities with my family, since the age of 11. This included charity runs, bake sales and my mum completed the Three Peaks Challenge in 2019 for the Children’s Respite Trust. 

On 22nd August, my brother and I will be taking part in a skydive at Headcorn, in Kent. We will be jumping from 12,000 feet and have a freefall time of 30-40 seconds before the parachute is deployed.

Both my brother and I are conquering different fears when completing this skydive. It is literally our worst nightmare. But, we could not think of a better cause to do it for!

So far we have raised £1,000, with our target of £1,500. If you are able to donate in any way, we would be extremely grateful! (Please see the link below.) 

I am lucky enough to work for a company that is constantly striving to better our community and as this is my first year at Search Seven, they will be kindly matching up to £250 of my raised funds!


Why I think everyone should support this charity.

The Children’s Respite Trust, is a small charity that has achieved big things across East-Sussex and Kent. They support a mission that most do not even know exist. Children’s respite is incredibly underfunded and the lack of awareness around the matter is astonishing. If you fancy taking the time to learn a bit about the charity, then please visit their website here and if you’re able to donate then please see our donation page here.

Thank you so much to everyone that has supported this charity and their mission. I am looking forward to sharing my skydive experience with you all on the 22nd August!

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