Meet The Team

What’s the secret to our success? It’s without a doubt the people that work here. Without them, Search Seven simply wouldn’t be what it is today. We’re incredibly lucky to boast a strong team of expert search strategists from a variety of backgrounds, with knowledge spanning various sectors, both in-house and agency side.

What’s more, we may be ‘techie’ but we have a sense of humour too and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy working with us. So, take a look at our individual profiles below for a glimpse into what we do at Search Seven, as well as what makes us tick both inside and outside of the office.

  • Gavin Willis
    Managing Director

    Search Seven founder and experienced digital marketer, Gavin set up the agency in 2011 with a real passion for changing the way we do search

  • Becky Henderson
    Office / Operations Manager

    With 10 years’ experience as a Management Consultant focusing on business operations and process improvement Becky is our Office / Operations Manager.

  • Maddi Sheppard
    Senior Paid Media Executive

    After graduating & travelling, Maddi has started working in the Search Seven Paid Search Team.

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