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St Catherine’s Hospice

Amy and the Search Seven team were absolutely brilliant during our PPC restructure. From the initial meeting, they made it clear that they understood our organisational goals and objectives and have certainly delivered the results to match. The team are incredibly knowledgeable, making suggestions and taking the lead based on their experience and expertise, meaning our Google Ads account is in far better shape than it was previously. The account is not only performing better, but is also easier to manage and maintain. A huge thank you to Amy and the Search Seven team for all their help.

Laura Stocker St Catherine's Hospice


Celebrating 40 years in 2023, St Catherine’s Hospice is dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to individuals with life-limiting illnesses.

Based in the UK, the hospice serves the local community in West Sussex and East Surrey, offering a range of services within the hospice and in recipients’ homes.

The team at St Catherine’s Hospice work tirelessly to provide expert medical care, pain management, emotional support and practical assistance to residents and their families, helping them navigate through difficult times with dignity and respect.

Through their commitment to personalised care, St Catherine’s Hospice remains a beacon of hope for individuals and families facing end-of-life challenges.

St Catherine’s Hospice approached Search Seven following the deactivation of its Google Ads Grant account due to an Ad Policy Violation.
Feeling the need for a refresh and restructure, attention was directed to campaigns focused on Brand, Donations, Volunteering, Shops, and Events with the aim of boosting awareness and driving more conversions through donations and sign-ups.


Prior to commencing the refresh and restructuring process, we reached out to the Google Ads Grant Support team to identify the cause of the deactivation and understand the steps needed to reactivate the St Catherine’s Hospice account.
The reactivation process was pretty straightforward as we uncovered the Ad Policy Violation was attributed to the ad type, which was now outdated.

For full transparency between Search Seven and St Catherine’s Hospice, a bespoke Media Plan was created to track the progress of the refresh and restructure project, documenting a list of tasks and the complete or incomplete status of these tasks.
We commenced the initial stage of the restructuring project by conducting up-to-date keyword research to help increase the reach and relevancy of the ads.

This involved comparing the existing keywords in the account with their new search volumes whilst identifying any additional keyword opportunities that could be integrated into the new campaign structure and within the refreshed ads themselves.

More specific ad groups were incorporated into the already-established campaigns, with highly relevant ads encompassing search terms such as “palliative care” and “end-of-life care,” whilst newly targeting “charity events” both nationally and locally, alongside “charity shop,” “charity shop volunteering,” and “charity shop donations.”

By implementing a nationwide expansion strategy for a handful of St Catherine’s Hospice’s campaigns, we successfully broadened the charity’s reach by communicating its mission, values, and services to a much larger audience.

Quarterly Results

  • 00% Increase in Impressions
  • 00% Increase in Clicks
  • 00% Increased Utilisation of Ad Grant Spend
  • 00% Increase in Conversions

Yearly Results

  • 00% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 00% Reduction in Cost per Acquisition
  • 00% Increase in Conversions


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