The English Studio

The English Studio is committed to delivering the highest quality English language learning at the most competitive price. They have helped over 60,000 students learn English since 1997 from both their London and Dublin schools.

  • 000% Over PPC Traffic Target
  • 000% Over Lead Target
  • 00% Improvement on CPA Target


Their objective was to drive more traffic to the site in order to generate more leads (and ultimately bookings), all whilst reducing the CPA.


Following an initial kick off meeting it was decided that the strategy needed to focus on both acquisition as well as re-engagement. This would then help lessen the impact of seasonality, which had historically seen student numbers drop-off outside of summer, by ensuring a steady stream of new leads throughout the whole year for both schools.

We therefore started by restructuring the Google AdWords account, implementing all of our initial recommendations and ideas to improve performance for the UK market, before taking learnings from these to expand into international markets in both Europe and South America, adopting different bid strategies for each.

This not only enabled us to tap search demand during peak times, but also plan our strategy further ahead by building up highly relevant audience lists to re-engage with via remarketing campaigns on both the Google Display Network and Facebook when there was less search demand due to seasonality.

We also used these audience lists to boost awareness of the English Studio brand to similar/lookalike audiences, thus reaching a new wider audience.

By then A/B testing various ad messaging and landing pages which were less focused on direct sales, we were able to capture contact details for those who had expressed an interest in learning English, but were at a different stage in the customer lifecycle.


Having worked with English Studio since October 2015, we have achieved the following:

  • 156% over monthly PPC traffic target
  • Thus, exceeding lead target by 222%
  • Exceeding CPA target by 45%

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